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Global commercial diplomacy

Engaging African Diplomatic Missions and their representatives in Moscow for global business enlightenment and to present African Business community across Russia and vice versa is of utmost importance today in strategically building and developing diplomatic commercial relations that will benefit both Africa and Russia not only in the sphere of politics but also culture, education, business and so on.
The Russian-African socio-political post-Soviet relations needs to be stepped up at a fast developing and engaging rate especially in the sphere of business or commercial trade at the diplomatic level wherein strategic African and Russian Private-Public-Partnership collaboration is enhanced for a better and brighter future across Russia and the African Continent.
Opportunities are enormous but the business strategic thought process is yet under-realized to date and that is why the African Diplomatic Representatives in Russia and the Russian Diplomatic Representatives in Africa should engage and bring in Global Commercial Diplomacy into the new way of engaging Russian-African Entrepreneurs and financial institutions for a smooth trade balance wherein all parties subsequently benefit from all deals across time.  
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