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Key collaboration and distribution agreement signed with Staff Oil LLC

In today's world economy, Africa is open to all genuine and legally authorized businesses. But it has limited access to information about Russian companies and their quality products.
Our company AFRUS BIZ-GROUP is trying to open opportunities for Russian businesses to be in Africa and today it is a great opportunity to add one more company from Russia - Staff Oil LLC that will be represented not only across Africa, but beyond. And flexi tanks are really needed in remote areas in Africa for storage of fuel, water, gas and other substances. Also, many international organizations are using such soft reservoirs on a constant basis in their missions. They are disposable, easy to carry or move, can be recycled or reused for many other purposes. That's why we plan to inform potential buyers in Africa as well as the UN and other international organizations that Staff Oil company is ready to supply them with top quality products and provide the required service.
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